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Day 2, Monitoring Visit

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  • Post published:May 16, 2024
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 Day 2, Monitoring Visit at Hambela Wamena and Abaya Districts of West Guji zone in Oromia Regional State.

The visiting team has addressed different beneficiaries of Potato and Enset in Hambela Wamena. Members of the team have consulted the newly engaging beneficiaries to prepare them for better outcomes in the coming years with the project.

On this day the monitoring continued in Abaya District, where construction of the SACCO union coordination center is underway. The team evaluated the progress of the construction and suggested some directions with appreciation. 

Integrated Action project is being financed by Menschen für Menschen Switzerland (MfMCH) and implemented exclusively by EWNRA in 23 different Kebeles of Abaya and Hambela Wamena districts, West Guji Zone, Oromia Regional State to enable Smallholder farmers to lead a stable life in their home villages where poverty driven outmigration to be halted.