REDD+ Forest Management

Overall outcome: South West Ethiopia implement sustainable REDD+ models that ensures forest dependent communities rights and interests

Sustainable Living

Smallholder farmers (an estimated 60,000 people in 8000 hhs) lead stable life with their families in their home village with no poverty driven outmigration of men, women, boys and girls in the project areas of Gelana and Abaya Woredas

Maintaining Biodiversity

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Honey Value Chain

Honey production provides income and job opportunities

Cooperative Capacity Building

Strengthening the capacity of 17 coffee cooperatives in Bench Maji Zone Debub Bench Woreda, so that they can sustainably manage and trade their coffee to different market outlet

Climate Adaptation and Rural development

The project will try to create privileged and climate adapted people (men, women, boys and girls) with increased income, adequate food production and consumption capacity and well managed natural resources (improved ecosystem services)


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