You are currently viewing National Lesson Dissemination Workshop on 4R Nutrient Stewardship Project Took Place in Adama Town.

National Lesson Dissemination Workshop on 4R Nutrient Stewardship Project Took Place in Adama Town.

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National Lesson Dissemination Workshop on 4R Nutrient Stewardship Project Took Place in Adama Town.
The aim of this event is to share and disseminate the lessons and achievements acquired from the 4R project since it was launched in eight Kebeles of Minjar Shenkora District.
At the opening speech Ato Afework Hailu, EWNRA’s Executive Director welcomed participants of the workshop and highlighted the significance of this lesson dissemination workshop. A brief description about the overall objectives, achievements, challenges and progress of project was presented Ato Abayneh Mekonnen, 4R project coordinator.
Research findings on 4R principles were explained by Ato Beza shewangezaw, a researcher at Debre Birhan Agricultural Research Centre. He expressed how the variables of fertilizers affected the yields of crop production over the years. Generally the research came up with the conclusion of how Nitrogen and Phosphorus are most dominantly significant for crop productions. He also mentioned the important collaboration between their research center and EWNRA for nearly five years now which practically benefitted the farmer beneficiaries in the efforts of improving their crop production.
Furthermore presentation on the project contributions from Agriculture perspective by Minjar Shenkora Woreda Agriculture Office, from Gender perspective by Minjar Shenkora Woreda Women, Youth and Children Office, from Cooperative perspective by Minjar Shenkora Woreda Cooperative Office, and by representatives of Kisem Union.
Beneficiary’s experience sharing sessions were conducted by direct beneficiaries of the project in which most of them repeatedly mentioned how the project has played key role in terms of improving the life of thousands of community members in the district. They exemplify their own experiences and shared many lessons to participants.
Most of them also expressed their concerns in the higher probability of the termination of the project urging all stakeholders to work ultimately for the continuation of the project.
Following the presentations brief discussion was conducted on the results and impact of the project and its’ sustainability. Many suggestions and questions arose from participants which followed by reactions from presenters and coordinators of the project.
Regional and local government heads and representatives also testified the positive impacts and improvements that the projects brought among the community. They expressed the gratitude to the project, the donors and the EWNRA as an implementer and vowed to work more closely with the organization in the future.
Finally in the closing remarks Ato Afework Hailu casted his vote of thanks to all stakeholders in the project execution process. He also explained how the future of the project is uncertain and to be decided by the donors.
Financed by CDF Canada and Implemented by the Ethio-Wetlands and Natural Resources Association (EWNRA) in partnership with local government institutions and cooperatives, the 4R NSP project is currently at its phase-out stage.
The project was under implementation Since October 2019 across eight kebeles within Minjar Shenkora woreda, targeting 8,000 smallholder farmers, and more than 40,000 people (men, women, and youth including disabilities and minorities).