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Sad News!!

We are very shocked and saddened to learn the sudden death of our leader and staff member at EWNRA, Ato Shewaye Derbie Woldeyohanes, who suddenly passed away last night (Friday, November 24, 2023) we still cannot believe that we lost him so unexpectedly.
He genuinely served EWNRA for the past 16 years as a Program Director after he joined as program officer initially. Ato Shewaye Derbie was not just our leader and colleague, but also our good friend. Ato Shewaye was a beloved husband and father for his three children. He was member of the top management of EWNRA and had always been a great asset to our organization. His contributions benefited uncounted numbers of the community at national level in all directions of Ethiopia and his presence will always be missed at EWNRA.
His funeral will be held today Saturday, November 25, 2023 at 3:00 pm (afternoon) in Alem Gena Kidane Mihret Church.
With heartfelt Condolences!!

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