You are currently viewing Monitoring day three in Abaya, sites Visited and Feedback.

Monitoring day three in Abaya, sites Visited and Feedback.

Monitoring day three in Abaya.
Sites Visited and Feedback

Day three was started by visiting a Maize Beneficiary Ato Shimeles Gume in Debeka Debobesa kebele which was part of the first project phase was one of the beneficiaries that received 12.5 kgs of improved Maize seed, fertilizer and 5 kgs of Haricot Bean for interplanting. Since then, Ato Shimeles has continued growing improved Maize with the recommended package. From the profit he has earned he owned a new house; bought two oxen and he is using them for ploughing purposes. Additionally, he has bought two mother goats and now he owns six goats. All of his six children are attending schools as he can offer to send them to attend school. He has bought Enset seedlings, planted and used for home consumption. He told the team that he has the plan to buy a plot in Guangua, the woreda capital and build a house.

After the field visit was concluded the team undertook a joint meeting with the project technical and financial team. The team has expressed that the monitoring visit was one of a successful one and managed to visit 32 activities that were executed in different phases with focus on Phase three activities and met more than 100 beneficiaries within two days. Feedback was provided by the monitoring team based on the observed gaps at field level and congratulated the project team for the progress made and encouraged to continue with the current pace to achieve the overall project goal. With this the project monitoring mission was concluded Friday in the afternoon.

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