Project Title Green Development for Resilience
Project implementing organization: Ethio Wetlands and Natural Resources Association
Project Location/Areas of Operation The project will be implemented in six kebeles (Hager Selam, Meneguzer, Anguko, Alem Ber, Mentura and Zeng) of Fogera Woreda, Debub Gondar Zone, and Amhara National Regional State.
Duration of the Project: The project will be implemented within three years period starting from 1st of January 2020 and end on 30th of December 2022.
Numbers of beneficiaries:   Direct beneficiaries of the project will be 5400households (702 female hhs) a total population of 32,400 (with an estimated 15876 women)   Indirect beneficiaries are estimated to be 11646 people (an estimated 5707 female) within the intervention rural villages and towns around the project area  
Funding Agency Menschen fuer Menschen Foundation, Switzerland (MfM CH).
Total Project Budget:  A total of Birr 55,587,595.00 (fifty-five million five hundred eighty seven thousand and five hundred ninety five birr).  Out of the total project budget ETB 48,316,200 (87%) Is allocated for Program Cost whilst the remaining ETB 7,271,395.00 (13%) is allocated for project administrative cost.
Contact Person:   Name: Afework Hailu, Executive Director Address (P. O. Box 1518 Code 1110, Telephone 0115527791/0911635720