Project Title REDD+ through Participatory Forest Management in South-West Ethiopia, Phase II (REPAFMA-SW Ethiopia, Phase II) Project
Project Location/Site Federal and Oromia region
Region Oromia, SNNPR and Gambella Regional State
Zone Illu ababora (Oromia), Keffa and Sheka (SNNPR) and Agnuwa(Gambella)
Woredas Ale, Becho, Didu, halu, Nono-Selle(Oromia), Bita, Gesha,Sayleim, Aderacha and Masha (SNNPR) Gambella (Gambella)
Donors The Development Fund (DF)
Funding Program
Implementer Ethio Wetlands and Natural Resources Association (EWNRA)
Project Goal/General Objective Upscale community based Participatory Forest Management (PFM) models as a vehicle for REDD+ from 240,000 ha to 400,000 ha forested landscape across three regional states; Gambella, Oromia, and SNNP
Project Expected Result/Expected Outcome Overall Outcome:  South West Ethiopia implement sustainable REDD+ models that ensures forest dependent communities rights and interests
Specific Outcome 1:  PFM user groups manage  an increased area of forested landscape
Specific Outcome 2: Local governance structures use community-based institutional systems for REDD+
Specific Outcome 3: Enabling policy environment for REDD+ implementation  in Gambella based on experiences from Oromia and SNNPRS
Specific Outcome 4: Forest dependent communities have increased income from forest products
Specific Outcome 5: Forest dependent communities’ contribution to reduced deforestation  and forest degradation  recognized by national REDD+ authorities
Project Duration July 15, 2016-July 14, 2020 
Project Life (years) Four years
Budget (£2.25million)
Total # of Beneficiaries  
Direct 35,000 hh
Contact Person
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