Project Title Non-timber Forest Projects & Micro Enterprises Project (NTFP-M);
Project Location/Site
Region SNNRP
Zone Bench-Maji and Sheka Zones
Woredas Sheko, North Bench and Gurafereda – Bench Maji Yeki-Sheka
Donors UoH and UK Government Darwin Initiative
Funding Program The Management and Development of Natural Resources (soil, water, biodiversity) in and around Wetland, Forest and Agricultural ecosystems
Implementer Ethio Wetlands and Natural Resources Association (EWNRA)
Project Goal/General Objective Developing value Chains for Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs), thereby diversifying the sources of forest-related income for community, engaging women, and improving the sustainability of the cooperatives
Project Expected Result/Expected Outcome Output 1: Three honey micro enterprises producing higher quality honey and generating income from sales to Apinec and/or other honey buyers
Output 2: Four micro enterprises established for production and sale of forest fruit jams/dried products
Output 3: four Micro-enterprises established for sale of long pepper, cardamom and other spices within national and potentially international markets
Output 4: Analysis of chemical properties and commercial potential of Forest Mahogany (Trichilia dregeana) undertaken and shared with businesses and communities.
Project Duration July 01/2018-March 31/ 2021
Project Life (years) Three years
Budget ETB 8,278,089.00 (£374,000)
Total # of Beneficiaries  
Direct 5,000 beneficiaries
Contact Person Mr. Afework Hailu, Executive Director
Email Address