Project Title Honey Value Chain (HVC) funded by DF of Norway
Project Location/Site
Region SNNRP
Zone Sheka zone,
Woredas Masha and Anderacha
Donors  The Development Fund (DF)
Funding Program Environment and Livelihood
Implementer Ethio Wetlands and Natural Resources Association (EWNRA)
Project Goal/General Objective Honey production provides income and job opportunities
Project Expected Result/Expected Outcome Outcome 1 Increased production and quality of honey
Output 1.1 Beekeepers knowledge on improved beekeeping raised Output 1.2 Increased access to necessary equipment for modern honey production
Outcome 2 :Capacity of stakeholders involved in the HVC strengthened
Output 2.1 Honey Union and marketing cooperatives  capacity strengthened
Output 2.1 Honey Union linked to international market
Output 2.3 Multi Stakeholders partnership  strengthened
Project Duration January 2018 to December 2020
Project Life (years) Three years
Budget ETB 17,490,000.00  (£ 0.465 million)
Total # of Beneficiaries  
Direct 200 beekeepers (HH),
Contact Person Mr. Afework Hailu, Executive Director
Email Address