EWNRA is implementing a project known as ‘“4R – (Right Time, Right Rate, Right Source and Right Place of Fertilizer/Crop) Nutrient Stewardship Project (4R-NSP  in eight  Kebeles/provinces located in Minjar-Shenkora Woreda, Semien Shewa Zone, Amhara National Regional State. It is being undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada provided through Global Affairs Canada (GAC) to the CDF Canada.

The project envisaged to improve agricultural productivity and sustainability for more than 40,000 smallholder farmers through promoting and providing technical assistance on application of 4R principles as well as strengthening the cooperatives  to the level of  Integrated Co-operative Model (ICM) for long-term economic prosperity of the project intervention area.

EWNRA uses cooperatives like Multi- purpose cooperatives and Savings, Credit Co-operatives Society and the like as an entry point to ensure the sustainability of results. In line with that, EWNRA assessed the gap of existing cooperatives and are filling their gaps with capacity building training, technical support and capital support.  Transferred farm Machinery technology to Irranbuti Multi-purpose cooperative ( one Tractor, disc plough and disc harrow) is one of sighted capital support that EWNRA availed with the donor unreserved support in all procurement process.  

Currently, the technology started giving service to the project intervention woreda community and generates income for the aforementioned multi-purpose cooperative. The technology is expected to add value in the teff and wheat crop production as well as reduce smallholder farmers burden including women’s during ploughing with oxen that demand women to prepare necessary local beverage and food to their husband and recruited laborer for that time.