In 2019 more than ET Birr 88,572,139.37 (eighty-eight million five hundred seventy two thousand one hundred thirty nine birr and 37 cents) budgeted for implementing nine projects.Name of Donor and Project 

1. SUSTAINABLE LIVING: Reduce Out migration in Southern Oromia Region, Ethiopia funded by Menschen fur Menschen Switzerland (MfM CH) 
2. CARD Project funded by The Development Fund (DF) 
3. REDD+ Participatory Forest Management in South-West Ethiopia (REPAFMA-SW Ethiopia) Project funded by The Development Fund (DF)
4. Honey Value Chain (HVC)
5. Community Conservation of Wild Coffee and Natural Forest Management Project (CCWC-NFM Project) funded by HU
6. NTFP Micro – Enterprises for Competitive Forests and livelihood (NTFP-ME) 
7.Cooperative Capacity Building  Project
 Feed the future 
8. Maintaining Biodiversity through Integrated Interventions of Sustainable Agriculture, Natural Resource Use and Reproductive Health/Family Planning in Doreni Woreda, Illu Ababora Zone, South West Oromia Region, Ethiopia (ALC project)
9. Capacity building and awareness raising actions for southern civil society and local communities on REDD+ in Africa